Friday, June 10, 2011

customer's order

Posted by Butik Maya at 5:47 AM

hye, kt cnie sy letak picture2 beg yg telah diorder oleh customer..
tp sy xletaklaa utk sume batch, sbb byk kot.. hehe
lgpun xsempat nk amek gamba.. =P
picture yg letak nie utk batch 5, 6 and 10..
thanx kpd customer yg telah order beg dr BUTIK MAYA!

beg sampai siap dgn dust bag n plastik.. so mmg in good condition..

LV alma black

LV alma silver
nie order dr return customer, dia dah order more than 5 unit setakat nie dr BUTIK MAYA!
her latest order LV alma red color, thanx farah amira! <3 =)

beg yg menjadi pilihan ramai (MB000101) ! sgt cantik n anggun!

design beg nie sgt cantik (code item MB000117) , beg nie ade sling bag.. antara design yg laris! =)

MB000117 - khaki with red rose

MB000105 - red rose - sgt cantik! <3

MB000104 -black

antara beg yg terlaris! MB 000104, coach poppy.. beg nie sgt2 cantik..
ramai customer beli 1 set dgn wallet.. sy jamin anda akan puas ati!

sgt cantik, sesuai utk remaja, ade sling bag.. comel je design nie..

MB000112 -khaki

MB000103 - brown

MB000107 - khaki

MB000107 - black

MB000107 (kiri)
MB000102 (kanan) - sgt laris maybe sbb beg nie simple n comel kot..

nie order dr akak siti, akak siti pun my regular customer, <3 d
ia dah order more than 7 units kot..
her latest order wrislet 2 units n beg MB000117.. beg on de way, dah smpai nnt sy upload picture..

MB000102 black

nie order batch 8, as u can see beg farah amira dah smpai, LV alma red.. =)

wallet coach poppy nie sgt laris, ramai yg beli sepasang dgn beg..

kpd yg berminat nk order, sila isi form k..
kpd return customer, sy akan bg harga special, less 10%..
utk order yg terbaru nie, sy akan bg FREE GIFT.. nk tau ape dia, click on this link

owner - cik laila


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Leslie Lim on July 13, 2015 at 7:56 PM said...

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